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Cell & Developmental Biology

Suk-Jo Kang (강석조)
Associate Professor
Molecular and Cellular Immunology Lab
Office. 042-350-2611   Lab. 042-350-2651
Email. suk-jo.kang@kaist.ac.kr

Mi Young Kim (김미영)
Associate Professor
Cancer Metastasis and Epigenetics Lab
Office. 042-350-2615   Lab. 042-350-2655
Email. miyoungkim@kaist.ac.kr

Seyun Kim (김세윤)
Associate Professor
Laboratory of Metabolism Signaling Network
Office. 042-350-2625   Lab. 042-350-2665
Email. seyunkim@kaist.ac.kr

Jin Woo Kim (김진우)
Laboratory of Neural Development and Regeneration
Office. 042-350-2641   Lab. 042-350-2681
Email. jinwookim@kaist.ac.kr

Hanseul Yang (양한슬)
Assistant Professor
Laboratory of Stem Cell and Tissue Regeneration
Office. 042-350-2627   Lab. 042-350-2667
Email. hyang@kaist.ac.kr

Ki-Jun Yoon (윤기준)
Assistant Professor
Laboratory of Neural Stem Cell Biology
Office. 042-350-2628   Lab. 042-350-2668
Email. kijunyoon@kaist.ac.kr

Gwangrog Lee (이광록)
Protein Engineering & Mechano-ImmunoTherapy
Office. 042-350-2614   Lab.
Email. ifglee@kaist.ac.kr

Seung-Jae V. Lee (이승재)
Molecular Genetics of Aging Laboratory
Office. 042-350-2617   Lab.
Email. seungjaevlee@kaist.ac.kr

Heung Kyu Lee (이흥규)
Lab of Host Defenses
Office. 042-350-7315   Lab. 042-350-7355
Email. heungkyu.lee@kaist.ac.kr

Dae-Sik Lim (임대식)
Lab of Cell Division and Differentiation
Office. 042-350-2635   Lab. 042-350-2675
Email. daesiklim@kaist.ac.kr

Won-Suk Chung (정원석)
Associate Professor
Gliabiology Lab
Office. 042-350-2624   Lab. 042-350-2664
Email. wonsuk.chung@kaist.ac.kr

Kyung Ok Cho (조경옥)
Associate Professor

Office.   Lab. 042-350-2643
Email. kocho@kaist.ac.kr

Kwang-Wook Choi (최광욱)
Developmental Genetics Lab
Office. 042-350-2644   Lab. 042-350-2684
Email. kchoi100@kaist.ac.kr

Giltsu Choi (최길주)
Plant Biology Lab
Office. 042-350-2636   Lab. 042-350-2676
Email. gchoi@kaist.ac.kr

Won Do Heo (허원도)
Molecular and Cellular Synthetic Biology Lab
Office. 042-350-2642   Lab. 042-350-5642
Email. wdheo@kaist.ac.kr