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Major Research Unit

Institute for Basic Science (IBS)

Center for Synaptic Brain Dysfunctions (Prof. Eunjoon Kim) 

Syserms Neurosience Lab oratory (Prof. Min Whan Jung)


Science Research Center(SRC) 

Research Center for Cellular ldentity (Prof, Daeyoup lee)


Global Frontier (GF) Project

Intelligent Synthetic Biology (Prof. Sun Chang Kim) 


Creative Research Initiatives (CRI)

Center for Cell Division and Differentiation (Prof. Dae-Sik Lim) 

Center for Precision Bio-Nanomedicine (Prof. Sangyong Jon) 

Center for Phytochrome Mobile Signaling (Prof. Giltsu Choi) 

Center for Promotion of Healthspan Via Enhancing RNA Quality (Prof. Seung-Jae V. Lee)


Basic Research Laboratory (BRL)

Gastric Cancer (a group of Professors Changwon Kang, Suk-Jo Kang, Ji-Joon Song and Mi Young Kim) 


Global Research Laboratory (GRL)

Structual Biology Lab (Prof. Byung-Ha Oh) 

Laboratory of Developmental Neurobiology (Prof. Jin Woo Kim) 

Lab of Bio-Nanomedicine (Prof. Sangyong Jon) 

Biomolecular Engineering Lab (Prof. Hak-Sung Kim) 

Structural biology laboratory of Epigenetics (Prof. Ji-Joon Song) 

Systems and Synthetic Biology Lab (Prof. Byung-Kwan Cho)  

Gliabiology Lab (Prof. Won-Suk Chung) 

Sensory processing Lab (Prof. Seung-Hee Lee) 


Excellent Research Team

Stem Cell (a group of Professors Yong-Mahn Han, Won Do Heo)

Biomolecular Engineering Lab. (Prof. Hak-Sung Kim)


Basic Science Laboratory


Phytochrome Lab. (Prof. Giltsu Choi) 

Behavioral Genetics Lab. (Prof. Daesoo Kim) 

Structural Biology Lab. (Prof. Byung-Ha Oh)


Suh Kyungbae Foundation(Young Investigator Grant)  

Laboratory of Computational Biology and Functional Genomics (Prof. Inkyung Jung)  

Laboratory of Neural Stem Cell Biology (Prof. Ki-Jun Yoon) 

Biophysical Imaging Lab (Prof. Won-Ki Cho)


Samsung Science & Technology Foundation  

Laboratory of Metabolism Signaling Network (Prof. Seyun Kim) 

Gliabiology Lab (Prof. Won-Suk Chung) 

Behavioral Genetics Lab (Prof. Daesoo Kim) 

Molecular Genetics of Aging Laboratory (Prof. Seung-Jae V. Lee) 

Ecology Lab (Prof. Sang-Gyu Kim) 

Laboratory of Eukaryotic Transcription (Prof. Jaehoon Kim) 

Laboratory of Neural Development and Regeneration (Prof. Jin Woo Kim) 

Lab of neural interoception (Prof. Greg Suh)

Optogenetic Investigation of mRNA Localization-Translation and Newly-Synthesized Proteins (Prof. Won Do Heo)


Department Main Research Centers 

KAIST Bio Core Center (Prof. Daesoo Kim) 

Cross-Generation Collaborative Labs (Prof. Sunchang Kim & Prof. Byung-Kwan Cho)