KAIST 생명과학과동창회
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Major Research Unit

Institute for Basic Science (IBS)

ㆍCenter for Synaptic Brain Dysfunctions (Prof. Eunjoon Kim)

Global Frontier (GF) Project

ㆍIntelligent Synthetic Biology (Prof. Sun Chang Kim)

Converging Research Headquarter

ㆍBio-Pharmaceuticals (Prof. Jung Hoe Kim)

Creative Research Initiatives (CRI)

ㆍCenter for Cell Division and Differentitation (Prof. Dae-Sik Lim)

Basic Research Laboratory (BRL)

ㆍGastric Cancer (a group of Professors Changwon Kang, Suk-Jo Kang, Ji-Joon Song and Mi Young Kim)

Global Research Laboratory (GRL)

ㆍStructual Biology Lab (Prof. Byung-Ha Oh)

ㆍLaboratory of Developmental Neurobiology (Prof. Jin Woo Kim)

ㆍLab of Bio-Nanomedicine (Prof. Sangyong Jon)

ㆍDevelopmental Genetics Lab (Prof. Kwang-Wook Choi)

Excellent Research Team

ㆍStem Cell (a group of Professors Yong-Mahn Han, Won Do Heo)

Pioneer Research Center

ㆍBiomolecular Engineering Lab. (Prof. Hak-Sung Kim)

Basic Science Laboratory

ㆍDevelopmental Genetics Lab. (Prof. Kwang-Wook, Choi)

ㆍPhytochrome Lab. (Prof. Giltsu Choi)

ㆍBehavioral Genetics Lab. (Prof. Daesoo Kim)

ㆍStructural Biology Lab. (Prof. Byung-Ha Oh)

ㆍChronobiology Lab. (Prof. Choe, Joonho)