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Location Inside of KAIST

Department of Biological Sciences (E6-3), Biomedical Research Center (E-7), KI Building (E4), Basic Science B/D (E6-6)

카이스토 지도
Visiting KAIST   

North Daejeon Interchange

Turn left in the direction of Yuseong-Daedeok Innopolis form the North daejeon IC ▶ Continue past the Hwaam four-way junction ▶ Turn right at the Doryong three-way junction (Daedeok Center of Cultural Science) towards the city HallㆍGovernment Complex ▶ Turn right at the Science Park foru-way junction towards YuseongㆍKAIST ▶ Continue straight for 700m past Guseong three-way junction ▶ KAIST main gate

Yuseong Interchange

Turn right at the Yuseong IC three-way junction from the Yeseong IC ▶ Turn right at the World Cup Stadium four-way junction towards Chungnam University ▶ Continue past the Gungdong four-way junction and past the underground tunnel ▶ Turn left at the five-way junction in front of Chungnam University ▶ Yuseong District Office ▶ KAIST main gate