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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Mi Young Kim (김미영)
Associate Professor
Cancer Metastasis and Epigenetics Lab
Office. 042-350-2615   Lab. 042-350-2655
Email. miyoungkim@kaist.ac.kr

Sang-Gyu Kim (김상규)
Associate Professor
Laboratory for Ecology
Office. 042-350-2645   Lab. 042-350-2685
Email. sgkim1@kaist.ac.kr

Seyun Kim (김세윤)
Associate Professor
Laboratory of Metabolism Signaling Network
Office. 042-350-2625   Lab. 042-350-2665
Email. seyunkim@kaist.ac.kr

Yoon Ki Kim (김윤기)
RNA Genomics Laboratory
Office. 042-350-7927   Lab. 042-350-7967, 7977
Email. yk-kim@kaist.ac.kr

Jaehoon Kim (김재훈)
Associate Professor
Laboratory of Eukaryotic Transcription
Office. 042-350-2632   Lab. 042-350-2672
Email. jhoonkim@kaist.ac.kr

Hak-Sung Kim (김학성)
Emeritus Professor
Biomolecular Engineering Lab
Office. 042-350-2616   Lab. 042-350-2656
Email. hskim76@kaist.ac.kr

Hyeonwoo Kim (김현우)
Assistant Professor
Molecular Metabolism and Exercise Biochemistry Lab
Office. 042-350-7926   Lab. 042-350-7966
Email. hyeonwookim@kaist.ac.kr

Ho Min Kim (김호민)
Lab for Integrated Protein Design and Structure (LIPDS)
Office. 042-350-7931   Lab.
Email. hm_kim@kaist.ac.kr

Minhee Park (박민희)
Assistant Professor
Genome and Epigenome Engineering Lab (유전/후성유전체 공학 연구실)
Office. 042-350-2626   Lab. 042-350-2666
Email. minheepark@kaist.ac.kr

Yeonsoo Seo (서연수)
Nucleic Acid Biochemistry Lab
Office. 042-350-2637   Lab. 042-350-2677
Email. yeonsooseo@kaist.ac.kr

Ji-Joon Song (송지준)
Structural biology laboratory of Epigenetics
Office. 042-350-2646   Lab. 042-350-2686
Email. songj@kaist.ac.kr

Byung-Ha Oh (오병하)
Therapeutic protein design/structural biology
Office. 042-350-2648   Lab. 042-350-2688
Email. bhoh@kaist.ac.kr

Gwangrog Lee (이광록)
Protein Engineering & Mechano-ImmunoTherapy
Office. 042-350-2614   Lab.
Email. ifglee@kaist.ac.kr

Daeyoup Lee (이대엽)
Professor, Head of department
Chromatin Biology Lab
Office. 042-350-2623   Lab. 042-350-2663
Email. daeyoup@kaist.ac.kr

Sung Sun Yim (임성순)
Assistant Professor
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology Lab
Office. 042-350-7928   Lab. 042-350-2659
Email. sungsunyim@kaist.ac.kr

Chunghun Lim (임정훈)
Associate Professor
Molecular Neurobiology Laboratory
Office. 042-350-7930   Lab. 042-350-7970
Email. clim@kaist.ac.kr

Inkyung Jung (정인경)
Associate Professor
Epigenomics and Computational Biology Lab
Office. 042-350-7314   Lab. 042-350-7354
Email. ijung@kaist.ac.kr

Byung-Kwan Cho (조병관)
Systems and Synthetic Biology Lab
Office. 042-350-2620   Lab. 042-350-2660
Email. bcho@kaist.ac.kr

Won-Ki Cho (조원기)
Assistant Professor
Biophysical Imaging Lab
Office. 042-350-2647   Lab.
Email. wonkicho@kaist.ac.kr

Giltsu Choi (최길주)
Plant Biology Lab
Office. 042-350-2636   Lab. 042-350-2676
Email. gchoi@kaist.ac.kr