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Biomedical Engineering

Sunchang Kim (김선창)
Genome and Peptide Engineering Lab
Office. 042-350-2619   Lab. 042-350-2659
Email. sunkim@kaist.ac.kr

Chan Hyuk Kim (김찬혁)
Assistant Professor
Lab of Immunotherapy
Office. 042-350-2621   Lab. 042-350-2661
Email. Kimchanhyuk@kaist.ac.kr

Hak-Sung Kim (김학성)
Biomolecular Engineering Lab
Office. 042-350-2616   Lab. 042-350-2656
Email. hskim76@kaist.ac.kr

Byung-Ha Oh (오병하)
Therapeutic protein design/structural biology
Office. 042-350-2648   Lab. 042-350-2688
Email. bhoh@kaist.ac.kr

Gyun Min Lee (이균민)
Animal Cell Engineering Lab
Office. 042-350-2618   Lab. 042-350-2658
Email. gyunminlee@kaist.ac.kr

Sangyong Jon (전상용)
Bio-Nanomedicine Lab
Office. 042-350-2634   Lab. 042-350-5634
Email. syjon@kaist.ac.kr

Chung, Hyun Jung (정현정)
Assistant Professor
Nanomedicine & Diagnostics Laboratory
Office. 042-350-1120   Lab. 042-350-1160
Email. hyunjc@kaist.ac.kr

Byung-Kwan Cho (조병관)
Associate Professor
Systems and Synthetic Biology Lab
Office. 042-350-2620   Lab. 042-350-2660
Email. bcho@kaist.ac.kr

Won Do Heo (허원도)
Bio-Imaging and Optogenetics Lab
Office. 042-350-2642   Lab. 042-350-5642
Email. wdheo@kaist.ac.kr