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Name: Yang, In Cheol(양인철)
Tel: 042-350-2699
Business Part: Public Affairs, Alumni
Email. incheul@kaist.ac.kr

Name: Kang, Insoo(강인수)
Tel: 042-350-2605
Business Part: Personnel management, Admission
Email. iskang@kaist.ac.kr

Name: Bae, Jungyoon(배정윤)
Tel: 042-350-2602
Business Part: Financial Affairs, Research expenses
Email. jungyoonbae@kaist.ac.kr

Name: Lee, Yunchung(이윤정)
Tel: 042-350-2603
Business Part: Undergraduate & Graduate students Affairs, Academic Affairs
Email. yclee@kaist.ac.kr

Name: Lee, Hey Jin(이혜진)
Tel: 042-350-2604
Business Part: BK21 Plus Affairs
Email. hj084@kaist.ac.kr

Name: Jang Jeongsu(장정수)
Tel: 042-350-2606
Business Part: Safety Management and Facility Maintenance
Email. jjs87@kaist.ac.kr

Name: Jin, Ahrum(진아름)
Tel: 042-350-2609
Business Part: Core Facility Management and experiment lecture support
Email. maelung@kaist.ac.kr