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Postdoctoral associate / research scientist (experimental) at University of Michigan


Dr. Minji Kim (www.minjilab.com) at the University of Michigan is seeking a postdoctoral

researcher to perform high-throughput sequencing experiments probing transcriptome,

epigenome, and 3D genome both at bulk-cell and single-cell levels. Her group studies

the relationship between chromatin organization and gene regulation at various

timescales. To do so, the team combines experimental techniques (Hi-C, ChIA-PET,

RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, ATAC-seq) and develops computational methods to analyze the


There will be unique opportunities for the postdoctoral researcher to closely collaborate

with computational biologists within the group to analyze the datasets with innovative

approaches, and to broadly collaborate within the Department of Computational

Medicine and Bioinformatics, Michigan Medicine, and the Michigan Institute for Data

Sciences (MIDAS).

The exact title (postdoctoral associate, research scientist, fellow, etc.) and salary will be

determined based on the candidate’s experiences and qualifications. To apply, e-mail

your CV, contact information of 3 referees, research interests, and long-term career

goals to Minji (minjilab@umich.edu) or submit materials here:



This postdoctoral position will focus on the experimental components of several


1) identifying allele-specific chromatin interactions in differentiating mouse

embryonic stem cells;

2) dissecting the molecular mechanisms behind the formation of regulatory loops;

3) developing new 3D genome mapping technologies.

Required Qualifications

• Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, Human Genetics, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences,

Bioengineering, or related field

• Extensive experiences performing high-throughput sequencing technologies

and/or fundamental molecular biology techniques

Desired Qualifications


Experiences with microfluidic devices


Postdoctoral associate (experimental):  https://careers.umich.edu/job_detail/234139/research-fellow

Other research positions: https://www.minjilab.com/join



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