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아래와 같이 2024 재학생 KPF(KAIST Presidential Fellowship, 총장 장학생) 선발 모집공고를 안내하오니 관심있는 학생들의 많은 참여부탁드립니다. 학업 및 연구 분야에서의 업적이 우수하며, 대내외 탁월한 학술적 성과를 나타낸 학부생들은 누구든 지원할 수 있습니다.

Dear Students,

We are pleased to announce the opening of applications for the 2024 KPF Scholarship Program, aimed at currently enrolled students. We encourage all interested and eligible students to actively participate in this exciting opportunity. KPF is committed to supporting the educational pursuits of outstanding individuals, and we believe that your dedication to academic excellence makes you an ideal candidate for this scholarship. If you are passionate about your studies and aspire to make a positive impact, we invite you to apply for the 2024 KPF Scholarship.

※ 선발공고(Notice): KAIST Portal System(2)






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10 2024 Winter Bio URP 참가자 모집 [신청기간: ~2023. 11. 30.(금)] file 생명과학과 2023.11.13 5530
9 2024학년도 봄학기 각 과정 재입학 신청일정 및 절차안내 Readmission Application Deadline and Procedures for the Spring Semester, 2024 file 생명과학과 2023.11.14 279
8 [Vienna BioCenter] BioCenter Summer School application call (~2024.01.28) 생명과학과 2023.12.06 317
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6 2024 Winter Bio URP 참여 연구학생 발표 생명과학과 2023.12.12 1277
» [안내 Notice] 재학생 KPF 선발 공고 KPF selection among enrolled students file 생명과학과 2024.01.05 347
4 KSMB-SMB Satellite Workshop: Tutorials for Recent Advances in Methods of Biomedical Mathematics (June 27-29, IBS, Daejeon) file 생명과학과 2024.04.02 133
3 2024 Summer Bio URP 참가자 모집 [신청기간: ~2024. 5. 20.(월)] file 생명과학과 2024.05.02 2824
2 2024학년도 가을학기 각 과정 재입학 신청일정 및 절차안내 Readmission Application Deadline and Procedures for the Fall Semester, 2024 file 생명과학과 2024.05.13 81
1 2024 Summer Bio URP 참여 연구학생 발표 생명과학과 2024.05.24 391
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